Life Extension

Live Long and Prosper

Who Wants to Live Forever? Part 2 This time out we look at the upside of not dying. (Shouldn’t be too hard to find now, should it?) Is Death Our Only Option? 1.) Improved Health […]

Life Extension

The Trouble with Immortality

Who Wants to Live Forever? Part 1 If we could extend human life indefinitely, would it be a good idea? What are the downsides? Futurist Thomas Frey joins us for part 1 of a 3-part […]


Shifting Stories, Shifting Realities

Shifting Realities, Part 3. Phil and Stephen attempt to reverse-engineer the Mandela effect by looking at news stories and trying to figure out which narrative best explains them. Can we change our reality by changing […]


Does this Podcast Make You Angry?

Shifting Realities, Part 2. Like it our not, our “reality” goes on mostly in our brains. If you contract a physical brain disease it can greatly shift your reality. But in recent years we have […]

Exploring Possibilities

All Good Things…

Shifting Realities, Part 1 The end of two paranormal and conspiracy-affirming institutions from the 90’s may have something to say about how differently we shape our reality today than we did in years past. Radio […]


A New Kind of Space Race

What are the implications of Vladimir Putin’s recent statement that he wants Russia to make a big move in space? Vlad’s New Land Grab Vladimir Putin announces mission to MARS next year followed by manned […]

Social Media

No, You Are Not the Product

It’s worse than that. You are that which produces the product. We start with some thoughts from Glenn Reynolds on the possible need for social media regulation: Social media firms want us addicted to approval. […]


Should You Trust Your Computer?

Phil and Stephen discuss the  new film by Chris Paine, director of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Do You Trust This Computer? This new documentary about the dangers and benefits of artificial intelligence (mostly the […]


Historical Fantasy (and Other Geeky Topics)

It’s a good old fashioned World Transformed Geekout as Phil explains how shows like Vikings and The Frankenstein Chronicles are blending history and fantasy in a new and fun way. (UPDATE: and you can add […]

Exploring Possibilities

50 Life-Saving Breakthroughs

Phil and Stephen take a look at The 50 Most Important Life-Saving Breakthroughs in History. Some of these a big medical breakthroughs that you would immediately think of like treatments for malaria, others are less expected […]

Exploring Possibilities

Will Mind-Reading Computers Replace Human Speech?

Phil and Stephen discuss scenarios for the future of brain-computers interfaces and how they might alter human communication. Worldwide AI consciousness may replace human speech In just 32 years, humans won’t speak to each other […]