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Shifting Realities, Part 1

The end of two paranormal and conspiracy-affirming institutions from the 90’s may have something to say about how differently we shape our reality today than we did in years past.

Radio host Art Bell dies at 72

‘The X-Files’ Is Done, and Please Let It Be For Good

Both the X files and Art Bell belong to an earlier era. As entertainment, they are quite similar (although many take the Art Bell stuff seriously.) But it’s hard to use UFOs and conspiracy theories as entertainment when crazy, paranoid ideas are so common–more or less mainstream.

Meanwhile, fringe ideas have gotten more extreme. Some people believe that every shooting that occurs is a FEMA production. Some seriously believe in the Mandela Effect — which the X Files references in a humorous episode earlier this year. And a growing number of people are now saying that they intend to keep and “open mind” about whether the earth is flat.
I sreality getting hard to grasp, or are we just having a harder time committing to it? Either way, what should we do next?

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