Exploring Possibilities

Self-Driving Cars: Answering the Objections

We have covered the safety risks of autonomous vehicles as well as potential privacy risks and risks to our personal freedom. Now let’s answer some of those objections. It turns out that most of the […]

Exploring Possibilities

Will Autonomous Vehicles End Our Way of Life?

Safety may not be the only problem with autonomous vehicles. Is it possible that they theaten our privacy and our way of life? And with what we’re learning about Facebook and others, do we really […]

Accelerating Tech

Time to Abandon Self-Driving Cars?

In Arizona, a pedestrian has been killed by a self-driving car. What went wrong? Was it the Uber system? Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Were Struggling Before Arizona Crash Disgraceful Dashcam Video Proves Uber Is the Theranos […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Hidden Possible

We conclude our three-part series with a discussion of the Hidden Possible: possibilities both near and far that we haven’t thought of yet. We can generally only see the hidden possibilities through the rear-view mirror […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Deep Possible

In Part 2 of our three-part series, we look at the deep possible: possibilities that are little more remote. Maybe two or three rooms over, instead of only one. Or maybe many more. The Universal […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Adjacent Possible

This is the first of three parts as we explore possibilities that are just around the corner. Or, as we like to say, one room over. This is a follow-up to an earlier show on […]

Accelerating Tech

How Old Are You, Really?

Phil and Stephen discuss how artificial intelligence might help to add years to our lives. AI Scientists Via Their ‘Aging Clock’ May Have Discovered How To Rewind Our Biological Clocks A group of scientists who […]


Outlawyering the Lawyers

Whose jobs are the robots going to take away? It doesn’t look like lawyers are safe… An AI just beat top lawyers at their own game Feb 25, 2018 A new study, conducted by legal […]


Black Panther and Other Geeky Stuff

Phil and Stephen doing some serious geeking out over Black Panther and other topics. It’s a smorgasbord of nerd! Black Panther — most awesome movie ever made? Belated thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Volume […]