The Hidden Possible

We conclude our three-part series with a discussion of the Hidden Possible: possibilities both near and far that we haven’t thought of yet.

We can generally only see the hidden possibilities through the rear-view mirror

Example: The introduction of the Internet and the rise of mobile devices made social media the adjacent possible. And nobody saw it coming. Nobody foresaw Twitter. (Bonus hidden possibility: for a number of reasons, nobody saw the phenomenon of President Trump on Twitter.) Nobody foresaw Instagram Superstar as a career.

Lots of Internet possibilities.

The original Netflix — with mailed DVDs — was the hidden possible

(The online delivery model for Netflix was the adjacent possible.)

Uber, Lyft, AirBnB were all the hidden possible

Amazon Drone Delivery

Improving health via gut bacteria

When we started this show, a self-driving car world was the hidden possible for most people. We saw it as adjacent. Now it is much more widely accepted as an adjacent possibility

Some ideas are well known deep possibilities by some but still the hidden possible for many others:

The Singularity

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