Exploring Possibilities

10 Years in the Future

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Phil and Stephen’s collaboration. This week they look back over a decade of tracking the future. Here’s a small sample of what were talking about 10 years ago: Success: […]

Exploring Possibilities

People Are Stupid

It’s not a question of whether people are stupid. The real question is how fast is it happening? How long before the movie Idiocracy comes true? Hosts Stephen Gordon and Phil Bowermaster look at the scientific […]

Exploring Possibilities

Declaration of Singularity 2014

  What’s the difference between the original Delcaration of Independence and the Speculist’s Declaration of Singularity? Obviously one has already happened, and one has yet to happen. But what else? A few minor word changes aside, […]


Declaration of Singularity

IN CONGRESS, SOME UNSPECIFIED DATE IN THE FUTURE The unanimous Declaration of the new posthuman civilization We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men human beings sentient beings of human-level or greater intelligence are […]