Mind = Blown: SF Movies with Big Ideas

Serious science fiction has made something of a cinematic comeback lately with movies like Gravity and Interstellar earning both critical acclaim and doing nicely at the box office. Interstellar has also reintroduced an important and […]

Exploring Possibilities

The End of Space Tourism?

In light of the recent Spaceship 2 disaster, Phil and Stephen discuss the past and future of space toursim. The discovery of the oldest map of the cosmos is a reminder that we have been pursuing […]


The Philosophy of Mind Uploading

Phil and Stephen welcome author Keith Wiley to discuss his book: A Taxonomy and Metaphysics of Mind Uploading. One day soon we may be able to transfer human minds to computers. But for that to be […]

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Is Technology Just Using Us?

From a recent TechCrunch piece by Christian Cantrell: This is only one example of how technology has a tendency to self-propagate; to use humans as a vector to create copies and mutations and derivatives of itself; to […]

Accelerating Tech

The Little Blue Light that Changed the World

Phil and Stephen discuss a wide variety of topics that show just how quickly, and completely both the world and our understanding of it are changing. Why the inventors of the LED deserved a Nobel prize. How […]

Accelerating Tech

Fountain of Youth: Right in Front of Us?

Phil and Stephen discuss the possibility of achieving significant human life extension via existing, commonplace drugs. What if the cure for aging was right in front of us all along? And even if it isn’t, what are […]

Accelerating Tech

Flipping the Switch

Maybe transforming the world doesn’t have to be so much work. Maybe we can make some of the biggest and most sweeping changes with the flip of a switch. Is India flipping the switch on […]

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The Ghosts of Evolution

Phil and Stephen examine the mysteries of time encoded in living beings all around us. What do present-dayspecies tell us about life in the distant past? And there may be deeper implications. Could the presence […]

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Life Discovered in Space

What are these mysterious organisms living on the hull of the International Space Station? How did they get there? And how can they survive in space? Is this evidence that life on Earth originated elsewhere? Or […]

Data Technology

Your Wish Is Her Command

The Web has been all abuzz about Viv, the new personal assistant agent from the creators of Apple’s Siri. Word is that Viv will be able to do “anything you ask.” Even if that proves to […]

Accelerating Tech

A Tale of Two Engines

What’s more impressive: a proposed engine that could power neighborhoods (and even individual residences) or one that could potentially take us to the stars? The answer isn’t as simple as you might think. Engine technology is closely […]

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It’s Inevitable!

We look at a lot of scenarios for what might happen in the future — cool technological developments, major advances in science, new evolutionary developments for humans and for other species on this planet — but are […]

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10 Years in the Future

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Phil and Stephen’s collaboration. This week they look back over a decade of tracking the future. Here’s a small sample of what were talking about 10 years ago: Success: […]

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People Are Stupid

It’s not a question of whether people are stupid. The real question is how fast is it happening? How long before the movie Idiocracy comes true? Hosts Stephen Gordon and Phil Bowermaster look at the scientific […]

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Declaration of Singularity 2014

  What’s the difference between the original Delcaration of Independence and the Speculist’s Declaration of Singularity? Obviously one has already happened, and one has yet to happen. But what else? A few minor word changes aside, […]


Declaration of Singularity

IN CONGRESS, SOME UNSPECIFIED DATE IN THE FUTURE The unanimous Declaration of the new posthuman civilization We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men human beings sentient beings of human-level or greater intelligence are […]

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The Future of Taxes

Phil and Stephen discuss the future of taxation. Will the coming years show us more of the same or some new model for separating us from our hard-earned money? Possibilities include: Flat Tax Fair Tax Other […]

Exploring Possibilities

Future Limited?

Phil and Stephen discuss the limitations that can most seriously impact the future: Resources — We’ve been warned about these limits many times. Capability — Do we have what it takes? Lifespan — Will we […]

Accelerating Tech

The Book Is Dead; Long Live the Book

Phil and Stephen take a close look at the reading revolution that is currently taking place. Books are being replaced by electronic devices at a rapid clip. Is this good news or bad news? Some […]

Accelerating Tech

Weird Energy

Phil and Stephen discuss two promising, if somewhat offbeat, energy sources: Genetically modified plants Solar power collected in outer space Will our future energy demands be met by trees or a huge reflective strip on the moon? […]