Exploring Possibilities

Will We Ever Upload? WT014

Special guests Ben Goertzel and David Pearce join Phil and Stephen to examine the question of mind uploading. Is the human mind ultimately a sophisticated piece of software that will one day be translated to […]

Accelerating Tech

Reality Plus

What’s better than reality? How about augmented reality — applications that interact with the world around us to provide startling new insights and capabilities. Special guests Jospeh Rampolla and Collin O’Malley join hosts Phil Bowermaster […]

Exploring Possibilities

Unexpected Futures

  Think you have a handle on what’s going to happen next? Well, think again. Phil and Stephen discuss 10 future developments you might not have considered, but that you might well live to see. […]

Exploring Possibilities

Why Airplanes Don’t Exist

(Cross-posted from The Speculist.) There’s a great piece currently running on Pajamas Media from physicist Frank J. Tipler on the subject of whether our current society any longer has any interest in  pursuing big ideas. […]