Data Convergence: Back to the Future

Businesses today work with massive volumes of data in a confusing array of types and structures. Any tolerance that businesses (or their customers) may have once had for data bottlenecks and wait times is long gone. Today, everything happens in real time. As technologies and business models evolve in unexpected directions, what new options – and what new risks – do organizations face?

In this edition of Fast Forward, Tom Traubitz, Senior Director of Product Strategy with SAP, talks with Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon about the revolutionary changes that are occurring in the data management landscape. Tom is a Senior Director of Product Strategy with SAP’s Product and Innovations Group, specializing in enterprise-class data warehousing and analytics. He has spent the past 25 years designing, engineering, testing, and marketing large scale, networked information management systems for a wealth of clients throughout the United States and the world.

In the podcast, Tom outlines some of the major changes occurring within data management, and explains why a new approach is evolving to address those changes. The rise of digital business models means that —in spite of having to manage more data, in new varieties, and at a higher speed than ever before—these organizations must integrate data analysis into their day-to-day (and moment-to-moment) operations like never before.

Tom explains that this new approach, Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP), will enable businesses to get a handle on data convergence by eliminating the barriers be-tween transaction processing and analytics. With an HTAP platform, businesses can achieve the real-time performance they need in order to operate effectively, manage risks, and stay competitive.

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