Monsters — Never Tell Me the Odds

Phil spent some time at Loch Ness last week where he and his kids came up with little in the way of evidence in support of the existence of Nessie. In light of those disappointing results, Phil and Stephen discuss some of their all-time favorite monsters. None of these critters can be ruled out, of course, but what are the chances that any of them exist?

How probable is the Loch Ness monster? (Quora discussion)

There are various views on the subject. One estimate is 500-1. Others say no, there’s lots of evidence! But the consensus seems to be… no Nessie. Still, the seas (and lochs!) are mysterious. Earlier this year…

Bizarre, Nessie-Like Creature Washes Ashore in Georgia, and Marine Experts Are Mystified

(Probably a decomposing shark.)

Why Bigfoot is Unlikely Only If You Know What “Unlikely” Means

Science professor explains why Bigfoot’s likely not real

Too many sightings! If there were that many of them we would almost HAVE to have some real physical evidence by now.

Fouke Monster (The Boggy Creek Monster)

That myth was used by Indians in the Pacific Northwest as a Boogeyman. The purpose of all Boogeymen is to warn of real danger. The places Sasquatch was said to live – near Mount St Helen.

Don’t Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Know That Bigfoot And Dogman Are Real

Interesting use of Schrödinger’s cat to “prove” that Both bigfoot AND Dogman exist.

The Truth About a Strange, Blood-Sucking Monster (Chupacabra)

They track Chupie down to the very first sighting! Patient 0. Looks like the 1995 movie Species made a BIG impression on Puerto Rico…

Mokele Mbembe– dinosaur living in Africa today?

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