Immortality: So Far So Good

Who Wants to Live Forever? Part 3 We conclude our three-part discussion with futurist Thomas Frey by looking into when and how a cure for aging might be found. Is immortality just around the bend?

Is Death Our Only Option?

What is the most likely path the ending aging?

  • Drugs NMN (NAD+) Metformin
  • Surgery / Treatments? (Telomeres?)
  • Genetic Modification / CRISPR?
  • Other

How long before it is being reliably done for a small subset of the population?

How long before it is an option being enjoyed by a large share / majority of the population?

How long before it is an option for everybody?

Thomas Frey is executive director and senior futurist at the Da Vinci Institute and an internationally renowned futurist and speaker.

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