Don’t Fear Technology

We conclude our three-part interview with novelist and futurist PJ Manney discussing her new book, (ID)entity. Here’s part 1. Here’s part 2. Topics include: Why a fearful approach is the worst approach to take — […]


Attack of the Fembots!

Phil and Stephen continue their discussion with bestselling author PJ Manney about her new book (ID)entity. (Listen to Part 1 here.) Topics include: Equifax and security Would anyone believe this story if it were fiction? What consideration […]


PJ Manney and (ID)entity

Bestselling author PJ Manney joins Phil and Stephen for part one of a three-part interview discussing her new novel (ID)entity. In the guise of political revolutionary Thomas Paine, bioengineer Peter Bernhardt brought down the corrupt and […]

Exploring Possibilities

Older Than the Universe: Mysteries Big and Small

Phil and Stephen discuss mysteries both cosmic and small-scale. The Greatest Cosmic Puzzle: Astronomers Find Stars That Appear Older Than The Universe The oldest stars we’ve found in the Universe are nearly pristine, where almost […]

Accelerating Tech

Becoming the Gods We Once Feared

What’s next for humanity and artificial intelligence? Will we be the AI, and effective cogs in a machine? Will we be the owners of the intelligence — which won’t exactly be us? Or will we […]

Accelerating Tech

The Smartphone and Beyond

Phil and Stephen discuss the near, not-so-near, and distant future of the smartphone. Topics: The smartphone is eventually going to die, and then things are going to get really crazy Related: No beer goggles required: […]


Where No Fanboy Has Gone Before

Phil and Stephen present a full Geek Out! show discussing the current state of big space and superhero movie franchises. What should we see from upcoming Star Wars, Star Trek, superhero and other geeky film […]

Accelerating Tech

Beyond the Twitter Decade

10 years ago Twitter was barely a thing used by a very small group of geeks. Today it’s a cornerstone of how our society communicates. (The President’s tweets alone…) Phil and Stephen discuss early-stage technologies […]