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Positive Stories

Giulio Prisco joins Phil and Stephen to talk about optimistic science fiction. Why are fictional views of a better world so important? And why are they so hard to come by? Tune in and explore. […]

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Dangerous Visions

This week Phil and Stephen venture out of the comfort zone and talk about some disturbing possibilities for the future. How weird can things get? Unfortunately, the answer is — weirder than we can possibly […]

Exploring Possibilities

Lost Planet

In the news this week is the discovery a lonely, starless planet floating on its own out in interstellar space. Where did it come from? Where is it going? Phil and Stephen discuss the mystery of […]

Accelerating Tech

What Can You Do with a Robot?

Phil and Stephen present a user’s guide to future stuff. Sure, robots have been used in industrial settings for years and we anticipate that soon they’ll be driving our cars for us, but what else […]

Exploring Possibilities

The 20,000 Year Leap

Futurist Ray Kurzweil is on the record predicting that humanity will move forward 20,000 years in the 21st century. Just to provide a little context, 20,000 years ago we were living in a different epoch. At that […]