Exploring Possibilities

Living with the Shocking Truth

Last week’s show about the Shocking Truth opened up some interesting discussion. Are things really getting better? This week we review the good news (or not so good news) concerning: Sexual assault statistics Forest growth […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Return of the Shocking Truth

Can you handle the truth? Most people can’t. When we face the facts, the world is different than a lot of us expect it to be. A LOT different. Take the quiz and then tune […]

Accelerating Tech

The Men Who Sold the Moon

A recent piece in the Financial Times explores the role that billionaire entrepreneurs are playing in pursuing world-transforming technologies and business models: The futuristic ideas that have been pouring lately from the fertile imaginations of some […]

Exploring Possibilities

Infinite Universes WT027

New findings suggest that our universe is not the only one. It may be one of many, or one of an infinite number of universes. Phil and Stephen discuss the implications. Does it matter if […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Future of Isms WT024, WT026

The future isn’t just about technological change. Some of the biggest changes we have ever seen and can expect ever to see occur in the realm of ideas. With that in mind, hosts Phil and […]


Dumb Movies, Smart Futures WT025

Phil and Stephen discuss the future of humanity as portrayed in some of the summer’s biggest movies as well as some older films. How have movies from years past accurately reflected the future — and […]

Accelerating Tech

Mind Blowing Technologies WT 023

Futurist George Dvorsky joins hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon to discuss his recent io9 piece: 10 Mindblowingly Futuristic Technologies that Will Appear by the 2030’s. Are we really just a couple of decades away from […]