Exploring Possibilities

The Once and Future Future WT020

Here we are more than a decade into the 21st century, and still no sign of a lot of cool future stuff: Moon colonies Underwater cities Rocket Airliners High-speed pneumatic trains Flying cities Phil  and […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Joy Explosion WT 019

Why are we interested in the future? We want to know what happens next. We want to avoid bad things that might happen and make the most of good things that can happen. What if […]


The Road to Radical Abundance WT 018

Phil and Stephen discuss Drexler’s new book, which outlines how atomically precise manufacturing will utterly transform our world. Skeptics say that Drexler’s vision of atomically precise manufacturing is a pipe dream that has been ridiculously hyped for too long. Drexler maintains that we are much closer than most people realize, and that progress is taking place in some unexpected quarters. Who is right? And if APM is on its way, will it be the ultimate example of catastrophic success or will it lead to an economic boom of unprecedented proportions? […]