Exploring Possibilities

The Great World Transformed Debate

  The future is on its way. What will it be like? Phil and Stephen debate some pivotal questions about what may unfold in the years to come: Resolved: The discovery of extraterrestrial life is […]

Best of

Our Thinking Transformed — Best of WT

Your hosts are observing spring break this week, so enjoy this great discussion from 2011:  David Brin, P.J. Manney, and Thomas McCabe talk about how our thinking must change if we are to survive and […]

Exploring Possibilities

Next Week in Science

  Babies cured of HIV! Sharks with chainsaw jaws! Earth-Like planets closer then we thought! Ancient languages reconstructed! Rats with their brains wired together! Phil and Stephen review select items from popular web features dedicated […]


Humanity and Transcendence

Futurists Samantha Atkins and PJ Manney join Phil and Stephen  to discuss whether there is anything truly new in the movement known as “transhumanism.” Was there ever a time when humanity wasn’t striving to transcend […]