Is Something Killing All the Aliens?

Is it possible that we never met any aliens because somebody killed them all? Or might it be that one day WE will kill them all?

Aliens Are Real, But Humans Will Probably Kill Them All, New Paper Says

“What if,” Berezin wrote in a new paper posted March 27 to the preprint journal,”the first life that reaches interstellar travel capability necessarily eradicates all competition to fuel its own expansion?”

So maybe the aliens are actually out there and we just haven’t met them yet. And we may “meet” them briefly before they wipe us out.

Or maybe we will be the first to develop interstellar travel and WE will be the ones to wipe everybody out?

But, hey, we would never….

Or what if the first (or an early) arrival on the interstellar scene decided to be the scourge of the scourges? We could protect friendly aliens but totally go nuts on those that can’t live and let live.

Maybe the fact that we are nice but not TOO nice could work as an advantage not only for us but for everybody else in the galaxy.

As handled in the Bobiverse (All These Worlds) — spoilers ahead — the Bobs just kill off the insect-like species that lays waste other civilizations. The whole thing is setup to make you okay with it. The insects are nasty creatures and mean beyond belief. They have no redeeming qualities. Still, I got a little squeamish when a whole civilization, billions of sentient creatures, were wiped out.

Given sufficiently advanced technology, we might take a more Arthur C. Clarke approach. Isolate a species from the rest of the universe until they are ready to play nice.

And THAT approach might be another answer to the Fermi paradox. Why haven’t we met aliens? We’re on probation.

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