Artificial Intelligence Is Here and It’s (Wait for It) Amazing

The AI future seems to be arriving sooner than expected. Phil and Stephen review some amazing recent developments.

Long Promised Artificial Intelligence Is Looming—and It’s Going to Be Amazing

10 Stats About Artificial Intelligence That Will Blow You Away

1. $5.05 billion market by 2020

2. 6 billion devices will request AI support

3. $5.4 billion invested in AI start-ups

4. 80% of executives believe AI boosts productivity

5. Most mobile users use voice assistants

6. Virtual assistants will make decisions for you

7. Most enterprise relationships with customers won’t require humans by 2020

8. AI will replace 16% of jobs over next decade

9. Robots will probably outnumber humans at work

10. AI is powered by GPUs, not CPUs

Intelligent robot that ‘remembers and learns’ could be scrapped after escaping a lab for a second time

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