Preparing the World for Self-Driving Cars

The world of the self-driving automobile is fast approaching. This has tremendous implications for the elderly, for the disabled, and ultimately for all of us who are currently drivers of passengers.

And please note: self-driving cars won’t always have passengers. After my car drops me off at the airport, it will drive itself home — possibly stopping by the gas station first. This will require a return to full-service gas stations, although I’m guessing that the “attendant” will either be some kind of robot or just a highly automated gas pump.

Consider what impact this technology might have on Dominos pizza or UPS — I wonder if a robot will carry your package the last 100 feet to your curb? Will you have to come out to the care and swipe your card before it dispenses your pizza?

Also, will you be able to send your car to pick things up for you? Say you feel like a burger…

It would seem that the fast food industry is not yet ready for self-driving cars. All the reactions are awesome, but you have to especially love that third one. She’s not scared; she’s annoyed. REALLY? Cars are supposed to have drivers!

Looks like we’re all going to have to reset our expectations.

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