Maria Konovalenko is a molecular biophysicist and program coordinator for the Science for Life Extension Foundation .

The main goal of the Science for Life Extension Foundation is to make radical life extension a global initiative. They integrate efforts in order to increase funding for research in regenerative medicine, gerontology, genetics, neuroscience, systems biology, and related sciences aimed at studying the mechanisms of aging and searching for methods to increase human longevity.

Maria has written extensively about major breakthroughs related to life extension at her blog. Articles include:

Discovery in Salamanders Could Lead to Human Limb Regeneration
True DIY Biology: Man Designs and Produces Own Aortic Implant
Freezing without cryoprotectants
Artificial retinas see well enough to balance a pencil
Japanese firm develops robotic exoskeleton suit that helps people walk
The main result of the year — The first regenerative medicine surgery in Russia
Stem cells used to grow functioning human intestine
Here is the Research Needed to Combat Aging
Stem cell therapy holds promise for epileptics
Researchers jumpstart nerve fibers to reverse stroke damage.

Maria earned her Master’s degree in Molecular Biological Physics at the Moscow Institute
of Physics and Technology in 2009.