Exploring Possibilities

Weird Tubes on Mars!

Okay, so maybe there is nothing to the recent observation that a Pathfinder photo of a Martian rock has strange tube-like structures that could be fossils. But one of these days, one of these stories […]

Exploring Possibilities

No So Bad After All

Phil and Stephen continue their discussion of whether things are getting worse or better — this time looking at evidence that matters are improving. News stories discussed include: Ray Kurzweil: What Is the Future of […]


Are Things Getting Worse?

Phil and Stephen discuss evidence that things might not be improving as quickly as we would like. And why we might tend to see things as getting worse even if that’s not the case. The […]

Accelerating Tech

Cities with Force Fields (and Other Predictions)

Phil, Stephen, and special guest Thomas Frey conclude their 3-part celebration of the 700th edition of the World Transformed. (Here’s Part 1. Here’s Part 2.) In Part 3, Phil, Stephen, and Thomas make predictions covering […]

Accelerating Tech

The Death of Banks (and Other Predictions)

Phil, Stephen, and special guest Thomas Frey continue their 3-part celebration of the 700th edition of the World Transformed. (Here’s Part 1.) In part 2, the guys discuss predictions for the next 20 years. Are […]

Accelerating Tech

The President of Mars (and Other Predictions)

Futurist Thomas Frey joins Phil and Stephen for a 3-part celebration of the 700th edition of the World Transformed. (Plus a belated celebration of the show’s tenth anniversary!) In part 1, the guys discuss predictions […]


2017 The Year In Geek

Phil and Stephen review a year’s worth of geekouts to compile their ultimate list of geeky goodness from the year 2017. Topics discussed include: Game of Thrones Season 7 Blade Runner 2049 All These Worlds […]

Fast Forward

The Elephant in the Brain

Why do we do the things we do? We like to think we have good reasons for the choices we make, but we may very well be fooling ourselves. In their intriguing new book, The […]

Exploring Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities

The World Transformed is all about possibilities: amazing new possibilities that are being realized daily, frightening possibilities that we have to work to avoid, and tantalizing possibilities shimmering on the horizon that speak to a […]

Exploring Possibilities

Is This as Good as it Gets?

Not by a long shot. First off, there are major positive changes taking place that are getting only a tiny fraction of the attention they deserve. And then there is more good stuff to come. […]

Exploring Possibilities

A Whole Big Bag of Good News

What kinds of things do we discuss on The World Transformed? Sending cars into orbit, curing horrible diseases, why kids are from a different planet, communists in space, super-antibiotics, machines that suck carbon from the […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Year That Was Almost Magic

There was a lot of talk about what a strange year 2016 was, and now some are claiming that 2017 was even weirder. Phil and Stephen beg to differ. 2017 was an amazing year. Dare […]

Exploring Possibilities

What Happens When We Conquer Aging?

Phil and Stephen discuss some of the broader social implications associated with ending aging. Aging Expert: The First Person to Live to 1,000 Has Already Been Born According to the United Nations, the population of […]


The Amazing Wealth Machine

How much is that smartphone really worth? Phil and Stephen discuss multiple analyses. Everything from 1991 Radio Shack ad I now do with my phone The back page of the front section on Saturday, February […]