Accelerating Tech

Time to Abandon Self-Driving Cars?

In Arizona, a pedestrian has been killed by a self-driving car. What went wrong? Was it the Uber system? Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Were Struggling Before Arizona Crash Disgraceful Dashcam Video Proves Uber Is the Theranos […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Hidden Possible

We conclude our three-part series with a discussion of the Hidden Possible: possibilities both near and far that we haven’t thought of yet. We can generally only see the hidden possibilities through the rear-view mirror […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Deep Possible

In Part 2 of our three-part series, we look at the deep possible: possibilities that are little more remote. Maybe two or three rooms over, instead of only one. Or maybe many more. The Universal […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Adjacent Possible

This is the first of three parts as we explore possibilities that are just around the corner. Or, as we like to say, one room over. This is a follow-up to an earlier show on […]

Accelerating Tech

How Old Are You, Really?

Phil and Stephen discuss how artificial intelligence might help to add years to our lives. AI Scientists Via Their ‘Aging Clock’ May Have Discovered How To Rewind Our Biological Clocks A group of scientists who […]


Outlawyering the Lawyers

Whose jobs are the robots going to take away? It doesn’t look like lawyers are safe… An AI just beat top lawyers at their own game Feb 25, 2018 A new study, conducted by legal […]


Black Panther and Other Geeky Stuff

Phil and Stephen doing some serious geeking out over Black Panther and other topics. It’s a smorgasbord of nerd! Black Panther — most awesome movie ever made? Belated thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Volume […]

Accelerating Tech

10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018 Part 2

Phil and Stephen continue discussing the MIT Technology Review list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018. In part 2, we look at: Babel Fish Earbuds Zero-Carbon Natural Gas Perfect Online Privacy Genetic Fortune-Telling Materials’ Quantum […]

Accelerating Tech

10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018 Part 1

Phil and Stephen discuss the MIT Technology Review list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018. In part 1, we look at: 3-D Metal Printing Artificial Embryos Sensing City AI for Everybody Dueling Neural Networks What […]

Exploring Possibilities

Welcoming Our Mutant Crayfish Overlords

Phil and Stephen discuss major disruptions in biotech — and in biology! New Pill Kills the Flu Virus in 24 Hours The Shionogi compound and Tamiflu take around the same time to entirely contain flu […]

Exploring Possibilities

School Daze: Alternative Approaches to Education

Phil and Stephen discuss massive disruptions taking place in education. What students know that experts don’t: School is all about signaling, not skill-building Is it possible that students are on to something? There is a […]

Accelerating Tech

Signs of the Times

Phil and Stephen ask whether current developments make the Singularity more plausible. The “Father of Artificial Intelligence” Says Singularity Is 30 Years Away At the World Government Summit in Dubai, I spoke with Jürgen Schmidhuber, […]


The Cloverfield Paradigm

Phil and Stephen discuss the latest entry in the Cloverfield series. Is it a fun addition or a major disappointment? Plus we look at the whole movie franchise phenomenon. Someday soon will all movies be […]


The Renaissance Cyborg

Specialization Is for Insects, Part 2 (This is a follow-up to our discussion on Realizing Possibilities…Fast back in December. ) What kind of knowledge and skills will we need to thrive in a world where […]

Exploring Possibilities

Keeping the Lights On

Stephen Pinker argues that the Enlightenment is the key driver behind massive improvement that is taking place in a number of different areas. He claims the enlightenment is working. Phil and Stephen discuss whether they […]

Accelerating Tech

Stem Cells Made to Order

Phil and Stephen review more reasons that this is a great time to be alive. The little lizard with the big genome. Making skins cells into stem cells — three different ways! The check-in procedure […]

Accelerating Tech

Extra! Voyage of the Space Roadster!

Phil and Stephen reflect on the launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, and Starman’s drive to the asteroid belt. What is Elon Musk up to? Is this all just a publicity stunt? Or was […]

Fast Forward

The Data-Driven Enterprise

In this edition of Fast Forward on the World Transformed, Peter Evans, Senior Director for Big Data Solutions at Solix, talks with our hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon about the challenges and opportunities that organizations […]

Accelerating Tech

Reality: and Now the Bad News

Phil and Stephen look at possibilities that arise — some fun, some dangerous — when the lines between reality and illusion are blurred. Reddit User Outperforms Disney With AI-generated Princess Leia I Made My Shed […]

Exploring Possibilities

Whales, Rats, Salamanders, and Immortality

Phil and Stephen discuss three animals who might well show us how to live longer and healthier lives. Secrets of these 200-year-old whales who avoid cancer Why the bowhead whale lives 200 years and rarely […]

Accelerating Tech

Friday Grab Bag

Future news from a variety of angles. What ties them together? You decide. Scientists reverse genetic aging, memory decline in rats They injected rats with viral vectors that expressed FKBP1b, causing a rise in overall […]

Accelerating Tech

The Big Transition

Our economy is in the early stages of a major transition. For some time, automation has been pushing people out of the business of producing stuff (machines do it better, by and large). More recently, […]