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Our Thinking Transformed — Best of WT

Your hosts are observing spring break this week, so enjoy this great discussion from 2011:  David Brin, P.J. Manney, and Thomas McCabe talk about how our thinking must change if we are to survive and […]

Exploring Possibilities

Next Week in Science

  Babies cured of HIV! Sharks with chainsaw jaws! Earth-Like planets closer then we thought! Ancient languages reconstructed! Rats with their brains wired together! Phil and Stephen review select items from popular web features dedicated […]


Humanity and Transcendence

Futurists Samantha Atkins and PJ Manney join Phil and Stephen  to discuss whether there is anything truly new in the movement known as “transhumanism.” Was there ever a time when humanity wasn’t striving to transcend […]

Exploring Possibilities

Super Beings

What would you like to do…leap tall buildings in a single bound? Change the course of mighty rivers? Bend steel with your bare hands? Well hang on: the age of superpowers is here and it […]

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How Good Can It Get?

Everybody agrees that things could be better than they are…but how much better? Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon talk about transforming the world into a better place. Is there an ultimate, optimal configuration of […]

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What Are You Scared Of?

An era of profound opportunity can’t help but also be one of tremendous risks.  Climate change. Killer viruses. Economic collapse. Zombie apocalypse. No to mention really bad storms! Phil and Stephen  discuss what there is […]

Accelerating Tech

Changes That Will Change Your Life

NOTE: Due to Technical Difficulties, this week’s show is postponed one day and will air on Thursday. The world really is changing in ways that are difficult to predict, sometimes even difficult to imagine. Phil […]


What We May Become

Phil and Stephen discuss new research showing that people aren’t very good at predicting their own futures. And that’s assuming a “normal” world where things don’t change that much. In a world that is changing so rapidly, how can we possibly know and plan for our optimal future lives? How can we make the most of our future when we can’t even clearly picture it?
Join us: […]