The Time Travel Mortality Wager

Phil and Stephen discuss a familiar subject — why this is the best time to be alive. But this time with a twist: how good would a life in the past have to be to persuade you to abandon the present?


We just entered into a golden age of space exploration. Why all the pessimism?

Thanks in part to infusions of capital and energy from tycoons like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos private rocket companies are doing things that only governments previously did, and they’re doing them faster and better. (Pappalardo took a picture of a novel stage-coupling device belonging to SpaceX and had to delete it because it violated U.S. export regulations, since rockets and satellites are treated as “munitions.” The feds don’t want other countries catching on.)

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Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice

Activating T cells in tumors eliminated even distant metastases in mice, Stanford researchers found. Lymphoma patients are being recruited to test the technique in a clinical trial.


Anti-Aging Pioneer Aubrey de Grey: “People in Middle Age Now Have a Fair Chance”

I think we have got a 50-50 chance of getting to that tipping point in mice within five years from now, certainly it could be 10 or 15 years if we get unlucky. Similarly, for humans, a 50-50 chance would be twenty years at this point, and there’s a 10 percent chance that we won’t get there for a hundred years.


Could a Protein Called Klotho Block Dementia and Aging?

“We found that those mice that had been treated, within four hours had better brain function,” she said. This worked in young mice, old mice, and mice that had a condition similar to Alzheimer’s.

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