Exploring Possibilities

Arguing (and Agreeing) with Elon

Phil and Stephen provide a reality check on some recent seemingly outrageous statements about the future by Elon Musk. Will we really be on Mars in less than a decade? Are we really just two years […]

Accelerating Tech

Miracle and Wonder: Amazing Developments in Medicine

Phil and Stephen review some recent (amazing!) news from the world of medicine. Researchers created a robotic hand that is eerily human-like and can learn on its own AI ‘doctors’ will diagnose your X-rays Stanford […]

Accelerating Tech

Space: Final Frontier or Next Big Thing?

Phil and Stephen discuss how our perception of outer space may be shifting. Still a realm of great mystery and scientific curiosity, space also promises to be a new land of opportunity. Recent news stories […]


Superhero Smackdown! (And Other Geeky Goodness)

Phil and Stephen go full fanboy with their combined reviews of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. Warning: spoilers and more spoilers! A few topics: Everybody has been pretty hard on Batman vs. […]

Exploring Possibilities

Is Technology Out to Get Us?

…or out to save us? Phil and Stephen review some recent news stories to confront the hard question of the overall value of technology. Is it good for us? Is it making our lives better […]

Data Technology

The Robot Executive

Phil and Stephen discuss the tremendous career progress that robots seem to be making. Here’s the first demo of Viv, the next-generation AI assistant built by Siri creator The world’s first artificially intelligent lawyer was […]


The Great Unknown: Perplexing Cosmic Mysteries

Phil and Stephen discuss cosmic (and not-so-cosmic) puzzles that defy explanation. Parallel Universes:Theory and Evidence A Dozen Black Holes Are Mysteriously Spewing Energy In the Same Direction Which is exactly what Russ Taylor, lead author […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Age of Awesomeness: Amazing Developments and Discoveries

Phil and Stephen discuss amazing developments and discoveries. Skin and Hair recoloring Stretchy Second Skin New headset allows the nonverbal to communicate using their brainwaves IBM wants everyone to try a quantum computer Antidepressant Microbes […]

Exploring Possibilities

What Will We Do with all the Old People?

Phil and Stephen discuss some interesting recent developments related to life extension. An anti-aging startup hopes to elude the U.S. Food and Drug The product contains a chemical precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, […]

Exploring Possibilities

Where Will You Be in a Thousand Years?

Phil and Stephen discuss the prospects for extreme life extension. We will soon live to 1,000: British scientist who has dedicated his life to the quest for eternal youth claims the human body can be […]

Exploring Possibilities

Turning into God’s What?

Phil  and Stephen  pose the question: rather than asking what it means to become gods, maybe we should focus on a more basic question. How do we become (fully) human? The Immortality Upgrade Is the […]


Amazing Stuff and More Amazing Stuff

Phil and Stephen  talk about cool gadgets and inventions and world-changing technologies. Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces ‘Teslaphoresis’ Molecular mechanical computer design 100 billion times more energy efficient than best conventional computer NASA feed ‘goes down […]

Accelerating Tech

It’s the End of the Job as We Know It

It’s past time to talk post-employment in a serious way. Is universal basic income the answer? Buckminster Fuller on Employment Rutger Bregman’s ‘Utopia for Realists’ Shows Us Why We Deserve Universal Basic Income VC, Entrepreneur […]

Exploring Possibilities

Imagination: the Critical Future Skill?

Can imagination make the difference in terms of what kind of future we experience? What are the indications that imagination is THE critical skill for the future? Phil and Stephen discuss Why our imagination for […]

Accelerating Tech

Until It’s Yet — The Future Is Closing In Fast

Phil and Stepehn discuss changes that are happening sooner than many expected. 3-D Printers: now they are just another ad that show up in your search results. Photon Propulsion Could Launch Spacecraft To Mars In Days […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Universe Is Full of Surprises

Phil and Stephen discuss cosmic mysteries. The Perseus Signal — “What We Found Could Not Be Explained by Known Physics” We could be “looking at” dark matter here. A Giant Galaxy Orbiting Our Own Just […]