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The Team

FastForward Radio is a collaborative effort between the hosts, the guests, the blog readers, and the listeners. Over the past five years (the past three on Blog Talk Radio), the show has evolved and grown thanks to the contributions of each.

The World Transformed 2 takes this program to a new level of collaboration. The production team thanks all participants for their input.

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Phil Bowermaster

Phil Bowermaster is one of the web’s leading bloggers about emerging technologies, emerging possibilities, and the future. He brings 20+ years of management experience in the software and telecom industries to bear on opinion and analysis about how technology opens up new possibilities that can reshape our lives and our world. Phil serves as the …

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Stephen Gordon

Stephen Gordon is a blogger, broadcaster,  and futurist. Stephen blogs at The Speculist and is one of the two hosts of FastForward Radio.

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Sally Morem

Sally Morem writes essays on science, science fiction, political philosophy, and the future of technology, including The Problems with Linear Projections of the Future, Yes, the World is Round, Nanotechnology Explained, and The Magic Universe of George Lucas. Sally is the chat host for FastForward Radio, running the weekly chat room that accompanies each installment …

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Jean-Sebastien B. Miousse is a visionary and futurist. He’s a big believer in the power of networking to make things work, which he has demonstrated through founding and being the driving force behind the Singularity Network. He is also a composer for film/tv/game music. He attended Musitechnic in Montreal, where he studied sound, music and …

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