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Our Fears Transformed

It is both exciting and daunting to live in an age in possessed of so much possibility as demonstrated by the wide array of topics discussed in this series. It’s exciting because our awareness of possibility is so much greater than it was even a generation or two ago. And it is daunting for exactly the same reason. We can envision plausible triumphs for humanity that really do transcend our wildest dreams, or at least our most glorious fantasies as articulated a few decades ago. Likewise, we can envision bleak and dangerous scenarios, including that worst of all possible outcomes — the sudden and utter disappearance of our civilization, or of our species, or of life itself. Such a fate now presents itself as the end result of not just one possible calamity, but of many.

A panel of futurists discuss how our worst fears need not hold us back, and can in fact help ensure our future.


Join us:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
7 PM PDT / 10 PM EDT

Our Panelists:


Alvis Brigis

Social futurist, writer and stealth groupcasting startup CEO Alvis Brigis focuses on the social aspects of convergent accelerating info, tech, comm and capability growth.

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Brian Wang

Brian Wang is a long-time futurist and writer of some 8000 articles on nextbigfuture.com. Nextbigfuture is a top 5 science website (per Technorati) and has over one million page views per month (RSS feed reads and regular website). Brian has studied extinction risks and all of the current major causes of death and damage and …

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Michael Anissimov

In 2005, at age 21, Michael Anissimov co-created the concept for the Singularity Summit, the world’s largest conference focused on transhumanist technologies. Under Anissimov’s tenure as Media Director at the Singularity Institute, the organization has been covered by GQ, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Playboy, The New York Times, Scientific American, NPR, Forbes, and a front-page …

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