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Are We Living in a Science Fiction Story?

Sure the world is getting weirder, but is it getting Sci-Fi weird? Is it getting Philip K. Dick weird? Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon explore evidence that we may be living in a science fiction story. First off, there’s┬áthis video of PKD himself from 1977 saying that we are living in the Matrix. Was …

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FastForward Radio Is Now The World Transformed

As announced on the final edition of FastForward Radio last night, we’re starting a new series in January 2012 which will be named The World Transformed. We’re also re-branding the Speculist with the same name and moving all of our principal blogging operations over to this site. The World Transformed will be a wonderful home …

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Human Destiny Transformed

We know what we are, but not what we may be. – William Shakespeare And I want to know the same thing Everyone wants to know How’s it going to end? –Tom Waits   Join us: Wednesday, August 31 2011 7 PM PDT / 10 PM EDT Our Panelists: John Smart Venessa Miemis Robin Hanson …

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The Series

A new 10-Part Series on FastForward Radio A series of panel discussions and individual interviews dedicated to the major transformations occurring in our world. One major transformation per week. Our Thinking Transformed, June 29 A call to update our thinking in light of accelerating change, with a special emphasis on the role that education, creativity, …

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The World Transformed 2 on FastForward Radio

Starting June 29, 2011 FastForward Radio presents The World Transformed 2. We’ll be talking to 30 futurists, visionaries, and otherwise fascinating people in an attempt to assemble a better picture of the major transformations to our world that are occurring now (or are likely to occur soon.) The format will include both panel discussions and …

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