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May 26

Unlocking the Goddess Code

Visions for a World Transformed co-author Radhaa Nilia joins Phil and Stephen to discuss global happiness, fMRI-generated mental super-powers, and how getting in touch with the goddess within might just be what each of us (and the world) really needs. Radhaa tells about her work with the Goddess Code Academy¬†¬†and her new Quan Yin certification …

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May 25

Solving the World’s Problems — Part 1, Best of TWT

Phil, Stephen, and Michael D set out to solve the world’s most challenging problems in back-to-back podcasts. First on the agenda: Eliminate crime Abolish hunger and poverty End terrorism

May 24

Hidden Mysteries: Dark Matter Worlds, Life in Crystals, Lost Civilizations

Phil and Stephen explore hidden mysteries that may change our understanding of the history and our place in the universe. Nasa revives ‘weird life forms’ trapped inside crystals for 60,000 years, raising hopes of finding alien organisms in space Lifeforms which have been living inside crystals for up to 60,000 years have been revived by …

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May 23

Isolating the Electron, Best of TWT

Phil, Stephen, and Michael D discuss controlling quantum states of electrons for computing and other breakthroughs. Researchers have controlled the position of a single electron in a silicon circuit. An international team of researchers has shown that it can control the quantum state of a single electron in a silicon transistor–even putting the electron in …

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May 23

The Non-Zero Probability

Phil and Stephen discuss how vastly improbable events become reality, and what this tells us about the future. The Odds Of Your Unlikely Existence Were Not Infinitely Small But there’s a fun, important, and underappreciated consequence of Bayes’ theorem that can tell us something vital about any of these steps: the odds of any one …

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May 22

Space Colonization Made Affordable

Brian Wang joins Phil and Stephen to talk about building relatively low-cost human settlements in low earth orbit. Spacex will begin deploying low cost mass produced internet satellites starting in 2019 SpaceX said it plans to launch thousands of satellites on Falcon 9 rockets beginning in 2019 to establish what would one day become a …

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May 18

Electricity — the Ultimate Flex Fuel, Best of TWT

Special guests Tobias Buckell and Suraya Yahaya Bowermaster join Phil and Stephen to discuss a variety of technology and future-related topics. Suraya Yahaya on how to avoid being ripped off when buying consumer electronics, and what to do if you ARE ripped off. Tobias Buckell on his novel, Sly Mongoose. Hellboy 2 Review Electric trucks …

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May 17

Coffee, Cheese, and VR Chickens: the Need for Something More

Phil and Stephen discuss hard-wired behavior — including our efforts to make the world a better place. Cheese triggers same part of brain as hard drugs, study finds You actually would die without your coffee, research says Drinking three to five cups of coffee per day gives you a longer life, making you 15 percent …

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May 16

The Silent Singularity, Best of TWT

Phil, Stephen, and Michael D. discuss the the silent singularity and a wide range of other futuristic topics. The 100th anniversary of the Tunguska event. Movie reviews: Hancock and Wall-e Brian Wang’s Mundane Singularity How much of some of the key goals of a transhuman singularity can be achieved without fullblown molecular nanotechnology, AGI or …

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May 15

Computing Breakthroughs: Quantum Computers, AI Drug Discovery, and Desktop Deep Learning

Phil and Stephen discuss computing breakthroughs. Are new paradigms emerging? China adds a quantum computer to high-performance computing arsenal Quantum computers have already been built by companies like IBM and D-Wave, but Chinese researchers have taken a different approach. They are introducing quantum computing using multiple photons, which could provide a superior way to calculate …

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