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Jun 28

All Stars Are Born in Pairs

Phil and Stephen review future-facing news on a variety of topics. Johns Hopkins researchers say they’ve unlocked key to cancer metastasis and how to slow it When the tumor reaches a certain density, the study found, it releases two proteins called Interleukin 6 and Interleukin 8, signaling to cancer cells that things had grown too …

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Jun 22

How Memes Shape the Future, Best of TWT

Phil and Stephen explore the wonderful world of memetics. If our world is increasingly made of data, is it possible to overestimate the importance of these sticky, self-reproducing ideas? The future is made out of our ideas about the future (our memes), our actions now, and how those actions interact with the world within the …

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Jun 21

Amazing Engineering Means Business

Phil and Stephen review stories about big engineering breakthroughs — and the big economic changes they may lead to. Engineer Creates Green Oasis by Growing Glaciers in the Desert Sonam Wangchuck is an engineer who lives in Ladakh: a village that sits 11,500 feet up in the southern Himalayas. This Startup Is Disrupting The Construction …

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Jun 20

Weathering Storms, Best of TWT

Weathering Storms; The Power of Inclusiveness; The Future of Work Phil, Stephen, and Michael S. discuss the future of civil rights, the future of technology in government, and the future of work. This best-of show from nine years ago hits on some issues that are current today. [First aired August 31 2008.]

Jun 19

The Multi-Dimensional Brain

Phil and Stephen explore some wacky and practical implications of research suggesting that our brains may operate in up to 11 dimensions. Human Brain Discovered to Operate in 11 Dimensions –“Multiverse-Like Structures a World We Never Imagined” Swiss Scientists studying the brain using an advanced mathematical system have discovered that it operates on up to …

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Jun 16

Getting Reality Wrong

Phil and Stephen discuss why “reality” is a trickier proposition than we think. A neuroscientist says your ‘reality’ could be entirely different from the person sitting next to you — and you’ll never know how much The broader point that Eagleman is working towards here is that everyone’s reality is subjective. We’re all trapped in …

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Jun 15

Longshot Futures (Part 2), Best of TWT

Phil, Stephen, and Michael S. discuss MORE unlikely scenarios that will pay off big if they pan out. Topics discussed: Compressed air cars. Cognitive Enhancement — all time smartest human within the next 20 years? Life Extension. Wireless transmission of power. Faster than light travel. Longshot futures are important because they open our eyes to …

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Jun 14

The Return of Moore’s Law (and Other Amazing Developments)

Phil and Stephen discuss recent positive breakthroughs from a number of fields New Cancer Drug Is So Effective Against Tumors, the FDA Approved It Immediately A small but significant new study is blowing experts away after it found that a particular cancer drug overwhelmingly helped shrink or eradicate tumors in patients whose cancer had resisted …

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Jun 13

Longshot Futures (Part 1) Best of TWT

Phil, Stephen, and Michael D discuss unlikely scenarios that will pay off big if they pan out. Using alpha lipoic acid (APA) as a weight maintenance tool. Blacklight Power — electricity straight from water. Since this show aired, they became Brilliant Light Power and added dark matter to their pitch! (They still aren’t producing massive …

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Jun 13

A Cure for Multiple Sclerosis?

Phil and Stephen discuss recent positive developments in science and technology. Chinese Experiment Reaches Space Station in Historic First A Chinese experiment is now on the International Space Station (ISS), having reached the orbiting lab Monday (June 5) aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft. ____ Superantibiotic is 25,000 times more potent than its predecessor The …

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