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Where No Fanboy Has Gone Before

Phil and Stephen present a full Geek Out! show discussing the current state of big space and superhero movie franchises. What should we see from upcoming Star Wars,…


Going Full Geek (with PJ Manney)

Phil, Stephen, and PJ geek out, big time. Topics: Are science fiction conventions the key to solving all of the world’s problems? What surprises await us in PJ’s next…


Total Geek: Real Aliens, Fake Star Trek and Other Geeky Goodness

Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon do some erious geeking out. Yes, There Have Been Aliens In our recent paper, Professor Sullivan and I did this by shifting…


Zootopia and the Trouble with “Perfect” Futures

Phil and Stephen talk about perfect worlds and why we never seem to get to them. Or, when we do get to them, why they aren’t really perfect….


Franchises Revisited: Star Wars and the X-Files Are Back

They say you can’t go home again. Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon challenge this idea as they geek out over the huge return of Star Wars to…


Falling to Earth: David Bowie’s Legacy for SF and the Future

World Transformed favorite PJ Manney joins Phil and Stephen to discuss the life and legacy of musician / artist / polymath David Bowie. Beyond the world of the…


Why Star Wars Matters

Phil and Stephen talk about the lasting impact of Star Wars on popular culture. How did a series of space fantasy movies change everything? Topics: A long time ago…


(R)evolution with PJ Manney

Phil and Stephen welcome their good friend PJ Manney back to the World Transformed to discuss her new techno-thriller, (R)evolution available today. About the book Bioengineer Peter Bernhardt…


Farewell, Spock

Phil and Stephen discuss the life and legacy of Leonard Nimoy and the impact that Star Trek has had on their lives and the world. Now that the Leonard…

3D Rendered Fantasy Landscape On An Alien Planet

Mind = Blown: SF Movies with Big Ideas

Serious science fiction has made something of a cinematic comeback lately with movies like Gravity and Interstellar earning both critical acclaim and doing nicely at the box office….


From Here to “Her”

Phil and Stephen  discuss the possibility that we will soon be interacting with intelligent agents like Tony Stark’s digital assistant Jarvis in the Iron Man movies or Joaquin…


The Nine Billion Names of God

Taking  a cue from George Dvorsky’s The 7 Most Intriguing Philosophical Arguments for the Existence of God, hosts Phil and Stephen discuss the relationship between convergence, accelerating change, transcendence,…


Spike Jonze’ Her: What Is Real?

More pointedly, how much of what we experience day to day is sufficiently clear of biases, subjective filters, and preconceptions that we can say with confidence that it…


Spike Jonze’ Her: Love and the Machine

Phil and Stephen discuss the movie Her and what it may be telling us about the future relationship between human beings and technology. Is this a love story?…


Ramez Naam and Crux

The first blows in the war between human and posthuman have been struck.  The world will never be the same. Ramez Naam joins Phil and Stephen to discuss…


Games Conquer the Universe

What’s more fun than playing games? One possible answer: systems that let you build your own games! Especially if you have to become something of a hacker to get the…


Dumb Movies, Smart Futures WT025

Phil and Stephen discuss the future of humanity as portrayed in some of the summer’s biggest movies as well as some older films. How have movies from years…