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Declaration of Singularity

IN CONGRESS, SOME UNSPECIFIED DATE IN THE FUTURE The unanimous Declaration of the new posthuman civilization We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men human beings sentient beings of human-level or greater intelligence are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, the Designer of the Simulation in Which We Find Ourselves, or a …

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The Future of Taxes

Phil and Stephen discuss the future of taxation. Will the coming years show us more of the same or some new model for separating us from our hard-earned money? Possibilities include: Flat Tax Fair Tax Other Models But then what happens if post-scarcity is realized? In a world where there is more than enough of everything, …

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Future Limited?

Phil and Stephen discuss the limitations that can most seriously impact the future: Resources — We’ve been warned about these limits many times. Capability — Do we have what it takes? Lifespan — Will we live to see it? People — Well there’s no shortage of those, anyway. (Or is there?) Ideas — Let’s not …

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The Book Is Dead; Long Live the Book

Phil and Stephen take a close look at the reading revolution that is currently taking place. Books are being replaced by electronic devices at a rapid clip. Is this good news or bad news? Some research shows that the electronic approach helps new readers to get more deep into the material. On the other hand, some …

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Life Extension and Resurrection

Phil and Stephen discuss new developments that promise to extend human life and to revive previously extinct species. Join us.


Weird Energy

Phil and Stephen discuss two promising, if somewhat offbeat, energy sources: Genetically modified plants Solar power collected in outer space Will our future energy demands be met by trees or a huge reflective strip on the moon? Tune in and explore. Lightning image by Raul Heinrich.  


Unexpected Solutions

Phil  and Stephen discuss novel solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems. Monitoring the wrold’s oceans – with a fleet of drone sailboats. Treating migraines – with an electronic headband. Speeding up computers – using the orbits of electrons. Replacing solar panels – with potted plants. What other odball solutions might be available to solve our biggest …

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A Day in the (Future) Life

Phil and Stephen examine life in a world that’s not that far off. Let’s start with where you might wake up. From there we’ll look at where you might work and, if it involves a commute, what that might be like.  Weird options abound — everything from what you wear to what kinds of recreational opportunities you enjoy. And what might life …

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Is Big the New Small?

As we move into the future, is the trend for things to get smaller or bigger? Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon consider some interesting developments: A tiny combustion engine A huge rocket A microscope for everyone So is big the new small or is small the new big? Or is something much more complicated …

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Internet of Things or World Made of Data?

The Internet revolution is the story of an explosion of information and connectivity. We are all producers and consumers of vastly growing datasets. Our lives and our very identities have to a large extent moved online. Much of who we are is now defined by the intricate and complex connections we have with other individuals, with …

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