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Humanity’s Next Steps: the Path to Obselescence

Phil and Stephen explore the increasingly complex relationship between humanity and our machines. We know that machines are performing very complex and difficult tasks for us such as exploring space. They’re also beginning to take on more personal tasks, such as managing our communication with other people. If they continue to do more and more for us, is …

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Humanity’s Next Steps: The Evolutionary Path

Phil  and Stephen discuss the process of do-it-yourself evolution, including: Genetically modified babies Curing aging with stem cells Learning to learn faster What are the forces that are driving evolution forward;  what are the forces holding us back?  And of the two, which is stronger —  is humanity on the way up, or on the …

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The Final Frontiers

Compare these very different news stories Billionaire investors looking beyond earth vs. Game designers building computers inside games Phil and Stephen ask the question: which way is the future taking us? Is it our destiny to move ever outward into the universe or ever inward into worlds of our own making? Audio Version: More Technology …

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Missed Opportunities

What if the future we’re planning for never arrives because we don’t take advantage of the opportunities that would get us there? For example, did we miss the boat in not capitalizing on our progress in space after the Apollo program? Or what if our potential for worldwide abundance is never realized — thwarted by …

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Misplaced Priorities

Getting the future right may be harder than we think. There are numerous initiatives in place to address problems with health care, the environment, employment and other challenges — but what if in each of these cases we are asking the wrong questions? What if we’re trying to solve the wrong problems? Phil and Stephen  continue …

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Human Downgrades

A recent news story that has recieved quite a bit of attention tells us about a woman who claims she wants to become a living Barbie doll. To achieve that goal she is working on modifying her body and trying to reduce her intelligence. Transhumanists talk a lot about our growing ability to alter our own bodies and …

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The Idea Machine

Picking up where last Friday’s show left off, Phil and Stephen discuss the changes that are reshaping our world — most of which started out as good ideas. A few examples: Human lung produced in a lab The dawn of the age of artificial intelligence A wristwatch to prevent heart attacks Wi-fi from space Thermonuclear Fusion …

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Singularity When?

Phil and Stephen discuss the timing of the Technological Singularity: …a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature.Since the capabilities of such an intelligence may be difficult for a human to comprehend, the technological singularity is often seen as …

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The $3.5 Million iPhone

Last Week Business Insider ran a story calculating what an iPhone would have cost if one had been assembled in 1991. Once you add up the 1991 prices for the processing power, memory, and communication speed that an iPhone delivers today, you’re looking at an iPhone that would have cost $3.5 million! Phil  and Stephen discuss …

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A Matter of Days

Phil Bowermaster demonstrates how quick and easy it can be to write a chapter for the book version of The World Transformed by composing his in real time on the show. Phil’s chapter is called “A Matter of Days,” which lays out the following world-transforming idea: people need to get focused on days. How many days …

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