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  1. New Space Race Plus Pizza-Delivering and Tax-Paying Robots — February 24, 2017
  2. The Hackable Human: Frontiers of Human Augmentation — February 21, 2017
  3. Basic Power: an Alternative to Basic Income? — February 20, 2017
  4. World Transformed Book Update — February 16, 2017
  5. Preventing the Economic Robot Apocalypse — February 13, 2017

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Feb 24

New Space Race Plus Pizza-Delivering and Tax-Paying Robots

Phil and Stephen review a grab-bag of future-facing news. Uber CEO predicts humanoid robots will deliver pizza, AI chatbots to be in self-driving cars Trump administration investigating the large scale development of space with Spacex and Blue Origin likely big winners Bill Gates: the robot that takes your job should pay taxes McDonald’s Re-Engineers Straw …

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Feb 21

The Hackable Human: Frontiers of Human Augmentation

Phil and Stephen review current news indicating that the age of the hackable human is upon us. New Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques – structures that are responsible for memory loss and a decline in cognitive …

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Feb 20

Basic Power: an Alternative to Basic Income?

Brian Wang outlines a new idea that can accelerate the end of poverty worldwide. Brian’s Basic Power plan would bring inexpensive, off-the-grid electricity to the world’s poorest people, bringing obvious economic benefits to them and perhaps less obvious economic benefits to the world as a whole.   About Our Guest: Brian Wang (MBA)  is a …

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Feb 16

World Transformed Book Update

Big news: at long last, the World Transformed Book is finished and will be available soon as a kindle eBook via Amazon.

Feb 13

Preventing the Economic Robot Apocalypse

Phil and Stephen discus the economic consequences of rampant automation. Chinese factory replaces 90% of human workers with robots. Production rises by 250%, defects drop by 80% Also here  According to Monetary Watch, the Changying Precision Technology Company focuses on the production of mobile phones and uses automated production lines. The factory used to be …

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Feb 09

Nikola Danaylov and Conversations with the Future

Nikola Danylov discusses his new book, Conversations with the Future. For generations, humanity stared at the vastness of the oceans and wondered, “What if?” Today, having explored the curves of the Earth, we now stare at endless stars and wonder, “What if?” Our technology has brought us to the make-or-break moment in human history. We …

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Feb 07

Getting Closer to the Final Frontier: On to Mars and the Stars

Phil and Stephen discuss colonizing Mars and exploring interstellar space. Trump may fund the Spacex Mars Colonization plan Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has made trips to Trump Tower. He met with Trump and the Washington Post has been reliably told, discussed Mars and public-private partnerships…   How an Interstellar Starship Could …

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Feb 03

Hydrogen Metal, Fractal Books, and Spacesuits Just Like in the Movies

Phil and Stephen explore a grab-bag of future-related topics.   Hydrogen turned into metal in stunning act of alchemy that could revolutionise technology and spaceflight Metallic hydrogen could theoretically revolutionise technology, enabling the creation of super-fast computers, high-speed levitating trains and ultra-efficient vehicles and dramatically improving almost anything involving electricity. Every meal triggers inflammation When …

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Feb 01

What Will Things Be Like in Five Years?

Phil and Stephen review predictions for the year 2022 and make a few of their own. IBM just posted 5 predictions about what life will be like in 2022 1. Thanks to AI, our speech will be a window into our mental health 2. Superhero vision will be possible with AI and powerful new devices 3. …

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Jan 30

Affordable Health Care: What Will REALLY Work

Phil and Stephen explore the role technology may play in making healthcare more abundant and affordable. Scientists May Have Found A Way To Regenerate Our Teeth The King’s College researchers put the enzyme inhibitoron biodegradable collagen sponges, stuck them in subjects’ teeth where cavities had formed and found they healed up without the need for any …

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Jan 16

Nature: It’s Out to Kill You and Your Children

Is it true that nature wants five of your seven children dead and wants YOU dead by age 50? Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon debate the proposition that nature is hostile to life.

Aug 27

The Robots: Taking Our Jobs, Writing Our Books, Treating Our Illnesses

Phil and Stephen continue their analysis of Thomas Frey’s 72 stunning things in the future that will be common ten years from now that don’t exist today – this time adding their own analysis and scenarios around AI. Best selling biographies written by artificial intelligence. Legal documents written by artificial intelligence. AI-menu selection, based on diet, …

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Aug 25

Getting There: the Amazing Future of Transportation

Phil and Stephen continue their analysis of Thomas Frey’s 72 stunning things in the future that will be common ten years from now that don’t exist today – and add their own future transportation scenarios. Topics: Unmanned aviation – personal drone transportation. 360-degree video transportation monitoring cameras at most intersections Everywhere wireless. Black boxes for drones to …

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Aug 23

72 Reasons to be Excited About the Future

Phil and Stephen explore futurist Thomas Frey’s 72 stunning things in the future that will be common ten years from now that don’t exist today Working their way more or less backwars through the list, the guys cover: Bitcoin loans for houses, cars, business equipment and more. Self-filling water bottles with built-in atmospheric water harvesters. Reputation networks. …

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Aug 20

We Aren’t Saying It’s Aliens…

Phil and Stephen discuss how we might find aliens via astronomical observation. The So-Called Alien Megastructure Just Got Even More Mysterious By carefully examining all the full-frame images collected during Kepler’s observational campaign, Montet and Simon discovered something astonishing: Not only did the star’s light output occasionally dip by up to 20 percent, its total …

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Aug 18

Amazingly Wrong: the Future is Not What We Expect

Phil and Stephen provide examples of just how wrong we can be in our thinking about the future (as well as the present and the past.) While a Family Innocently Slept, the Roomba Was Smearing a ‘War Zone of Poop’ All Over the Living Room Why You’re Pretty Much Unconscious All the Time Seasteading lite …

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Aug 15

Somebody’s Got a Good Case of the Mondays

Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon let loose with a torrent of good news to brighten everybody’s Monday. This Tiny Computer has no Battery, Powered Wirelessly from Radio Waves A team of researchers from the University of Washington’s Sensor Lab and the Delft University of Technology has developed a new gadget that doesn’t need a …

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Aug 12

The Amazing Future Is Here, Part Two

Phil and Stephen continue their  review of amazing advances that have taken place since they first started podcasting. Private Space Development This private company just became the first to get an official green light to land on the moon, and it could shape the future of space exploration Self-Driving Cars Man says Tesla Autopilot saved …

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Aug 10

The Amazing Future Is Here, Part One

Phil and Stephen continue their 500th show celebration with a review of amazing advances that have taken place since they first started podcasting. Extrasolar encyclopedia lists 3500 (3489) planets outside of our solar system that have been discovered First entry is March 18 2006 3500 planets discovered in the past 10 years Previously, only 8 …

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Aug 08

500 Shows and Going Strong

Phil and Stephen reflect on 11 years of podcasting with their 500th show. Questions to be addressed: Why do you do this show? Some possible answers: We’re going to track this stuff anyway It’s fun It’s interesting We want to understand it better Need to be a part of what’s happening What are you trying …

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Aug 05

Why You’re Wrong About the Universe

Phil and Stephen discuss recent perspective-changing discoveries in astronomy. How Many Suns Can a Planet Have? So far three is the most we’ve found for any, but there could be more. Contrary to Popular belief, Jupiter Does Not Orbit the Sun Our universe could be reborn as a bouncing baby cosmos The universe could bounce …

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Aug 03

Hacking Humanity: Amazing New Medical Treatments

Phil and Stephen review several new human “hacks” that will save and lengthen lives. Artificial Pancreas Is First To Raise $1 Million Under New Crowdfunding Rules A company creating an “artificial pancreas” for diabetics this week became the first startup to raise $1 million using new type of online stock sale open to the public …

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Aug 01

Let’s Get Smarter for the Future’s Sake

How smart are we, and how smart do we have to be?  Phil  and Stephen  review some recent developments that show why our thinking has to get better Too many mice are sacrificed for seriously flawed studies Half or more of public says they would not want these enhancements Related: Americans Afraid of Genome-Editing to …

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Jul 29

Cockroach Milk and Other Super Geeky Stuff

Phil and Stephen further establish their unparalleled geek cred with some news stories so geeky they might just make you sick! Scientists think cockroach milk could be the superfood of the future Although most cockroaches don’t actually produce milk, Diploptera punctate, which is the only known cockroach to give birth to live young, has been …

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Jul 27

Amazing Results: Doing More with Less Is Really Starting to Add Up

Phil and Stephen discuss how we’re making more happen with less money, less effort, and less time — and where that’s leading us The whole trip to Pluto cost less than 1 NFL stadium The nine-year, three-billion-mile voyage of NASA’s New Horizons probe is undoubtedly a testament to the genius of mankind — yet the same …

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