February 2017


Back to the Moon (and on to the Stars)

Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon discuss recent big news touching on space exploration. Is a return to the moon imminent?   Nasa discovers new solar system TRAPPIST-1…


How Elon Musk Can Become More Interesting

Phil and Stephen provide unsolicited advice to Elon Musk.   Elon Musk Is Really Boring Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age…


New Space Race Plus Pizza-Delivering and Tax-Paying Robots

Phil and Stephen review a grab-bag of future-facing news. Uber CEO predicts humanoid robots will deliver pizza, AI chatbots to be in self-driving cars Trump administration investigating the…


The Hackable Human: Frontiers of Human Augmentation

Phil and Stephen review current news indicating that the age of the hackable human is upon us. New Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function Australian researchers have come…


World Transformed Book Update

Big news: at long last, the World Transformed Book is finished and will be available soon as a kindle eBook via Amazon.


Drop Everything and Work on Artificial Intelligence

Phil and Stephen discuss the coming of artificial general intelligence and what it could mean to each of us.   Drop Everything and Work on Artificial Intelligence A…


Preventing the Economic Robot Apocalypse

Phil and Stephen discus the economic consequences of rampant automation. Chinese factory replaces 90% of human workers with robots. Production rises by 250%, defects drop by 80% Also…


Getting Closer to the Final Frontier: On to Mars and the Stars

Phil and Stephen discuss colonizing Mars and exploring interstellar space. Trump may fund the Spacex Mars Colonization plan Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has made…


Hydrogen Metal, Fractal Books, and Spacesuits Just Like in the Movies

Phil and Stephen explore a grab-bag of future-related topics.   Hydrogen turned into metal in stunning act of alchemy that could revolutionise technology and spaceflight Metallic hydrogen could…


What Will Things Be Like in Five Years?

Phil and Stephen review predictions for the year 2022 and make a few of their own. IBM just posted 5 predictions about what life will be like in 2022…