January 2013


I Want to Be a Producer!

I have a secret desire Hiding deep in my soul It sets my heart afire To see me in this role I wanna be a producer Lunch at…


Changes That Will Change Your Life

NOTE: Due to Technical Difficulties, this week’s show is postponed one day and will air on Thursday. The world really is changing in ways that are difficult to…


Live Longer — Start Now

Sure we all want to live to see it, but how long will that take? How long do we want to live, how healthy do we want to…


Passing Time

Do you ever just stop and notice the passage of time? Yeah, well don’t do that. Time should never just pass. You should be engaging time. Driving it….


Preparing the World for Self-Driving Cars

The world of the self-driving automobile is fast approaching. This has tremendous implications for the elderly, for the disabled, and ultimately for all of us who are currently…


Getting a Handle on Your Future Self

Psychological research indicates that it’s not easy for people to grasp how much they are going to change over time. A recent  New York Times piece explores this…

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The Last Job You’ll Ever Do…

Wired published a recent story about the take-over of robots – our jobs will, it argues, be mostly taken by robots. Its hard arguing with the premise.  Robots…


What We May Become

Phil and Stephen discuss new research showing that people aren’t very good at predicting their own futures. And that’s assuming a “normal” world where things don’t change that much. In a world that is changing so rapidly, how can we possibly know and plan for our optimal future lives? How can we make the most of our future when we can’t even clearly picture it?
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